Camp Quest Smoky Mountains includes both educational and recreational components in our programming. Our educational programs emphasize critical thinking, scientific inquiry, secular humanist ethics, and the history and philosophy of secular humanism and freethought. Our recreational programs include a wide variety of traditional summer camp activities. Specific activities may vary from year to year while a few of our activities have become part of CQSM tradition. Our programs are run by our volunteer staff and the staff at our facility. We have no cell phone service and internet access is limited to staff so we all have a chance to spend the week ‘unplugged’ and spend time with each other and nature.


learning about logical fallacies

Past activities have included:

Overnight Hike
Invisible Pink Unicorn Challenge
Conflict Resolution
Talent Show
Nature Hikes
Arts and Crafts
Cultural Understanding
River Timefalls hike
Service Project for host site
Night Hike
Sports and Outdoor Games
Socrates Cafe (philosophy discussions)
Double-blind experiments
Logic puzzles
Science Olympics
Board Games
Movie Night