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Join our Board of Directors!

Camp Quest of the Smoky Mountains is seeking dedicated individuals to join our Board of Directors! As stewards of our camp’s ongoing operation and leadership, the board plays a crucial role in ensuring the continued success of our organization.

Our board is responsible for:

  • Occasional meetings to discuss camp business.

  • Voting on board-level decisions such as new board members, election of officers, changes to our bylaws, and other important decisions.

  • Overseeing the finances of our camp.

  • Upholding and supporting the mission, vision, and values of Camp Quest, Inc., and Camp Quest Smoky Mountains

We value diversity and welcome a range of perspectives and experiences to enhance our decision-making processes. Serving on the Board is generally a time commitment of an hour a month, though we ask that you consider serving up to five hours a month to participate in projects or subcommittees.

Past board members have included former campers, parents of current campers, and leaders of other camps. But you don’t need to be affiliated with camp to serve–we will also value input from someone with fresh eyes. We're always looking for folks with experience in nonprofit management, development, accounting, etc., though these are NOT required skills.

This is a volunteer position with a two-year term (and you may serve up to three terms), offering an opportunity for you to make a meaningful impact on our camp community. If you want to help make our camp the best it can be, please submit your application. We’re so excited to work with you!

Applications close Feb 15 2024 at 11:59pm EST and we're hoping to notify new directors in early March.

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