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CQSM Quest Pet 2024

Every year, our dedicated and passionate volunteers come to the Smokies to deliver a week filled with fun, friends, and freethought to the campers of Camp Quest Smoky Mountains. And every year, their beloved pets sacrifice lost cuddles, laser time, fetch, and kisses so their humans can create an awesome camp week for our community. In recognition of their annual struggles, we're honoring them this Giving Tuesday. Below, you can view bios and media for our camp pets. Please donate in honor of your favorite camp pet on our fundraising site (minimum $5 to vote). The winner will be named the CQSM Quest Pet of 2024 and will receive a small shrine at camp honoring their sacrifice. 

Your donations contribute to camperships and program expenses for Camp Quest Smoky Mountains, a secular, gender inclusive, residential camp for children and youth ages 8-17 held one week each summer. Camp Quest provides an educational adventure shaped by fun, friends and freethought, featuring science, natural wonder and humanist values. We run completely through volunteer efforts, so your donations go directly to financial aid and program materials. 

Voting is open from November 22nd-28th, 2023. 

Alley Jane

Hooman: Grace

Lights Out Monitor, Champion Cuddler

Alley Jane, 10, would be an excellent dorm captain. She's a great teddy bear and loves going to sleep on Grace's lap. She's highly attentive and a great listener-- perfect for mediating interpersonal issues! Alley hopes that the kitchen serves tuna at least once during camp, but she's also looking forward to making s'mores. Nobody said there had to be enough for campers, right? Right?

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Hooman: Sebby

Tiny But Mighty, Knows All the Camp Secrets

Eris, 1, loves moths and is preparing herself to take over as CQSM's amateur entomologist if Tim decides to step down. Eris likes to be in her own world, but don't underestimate her-- her tiny size makes her easy to miss, so she'll overhear all the secrets at camp. Catch Eris chilling at the back of the campfire, eyeing the rodents and telling the staff all your secrets. 

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Hooman: Alex

Bestest Table Captain and Bell Ringer

Orange boi Hugo, 7, has heard he's old enough to join camp after his birthday. He wants to be table captain so he can ensure dinner is served on time and he gets first lick at the gravy. Hugo is prepared to make excellent biscuits for the campfire s'mores. Hugo is well-mannered but assertive, and he will teach campers excellent boundary-setting skills. During quiet moments, you can find him in the camp rocking chairs watching the crows.

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Hooman: Meredith

Hide and Seek Leader, Resident Birdwatcher

Kajsi, (pronounced like "HI-C" with a K), 9, is a scrappy kitty who hails from an Albanian dumpster. Consequently, she wants to lead activities on hide and seek and self-defense. She has missed 7 weeks of her favorite chin scritches while Meredith was at camp. She hopes to join the team as the wackiest head of the Oracle and to make friends with the resident crows. Kajsi prefers cat food, but she can be bribed with tortilla chips in a pinch. 

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Hooman: Sebby

Resident Rodent Deterrer

Lime, 6, is not old enough to come to camp yet, but is very excited to lead morning yoga and help deter rodents from camp buildings. He looks forward to the beginning of the rain activity at campfires, because it's nice and quiet. In the meantime, Lime misses Sebby while they're at camp and will be watching for chipmunks to pass the time.

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Doggo to the Director, Tim

Bestest Cabin Counselor/Herder

Rufus, 14, wants to be a Firefly next year! And boy, will he be excellent. His herding instincts mean he never loses track of a camper (though they may never get to go to the bathroom), and his strong bark gets the whole camp's attention faster than any quiet coyote. Rufus will take his attention off campers only for strawberry tops or bits of broccoli. He looks forward to river time and trying his first s'more.

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Accepting votes November 22nd-28th, 2023

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